Mom Fails: Mistakes Moms Make Everyday (and How to Fix Them)

I’m so guilty of all of these myself.  Before I close my eyes at night, I think of all the mistakes I made as a mom, and tell myself “I’ll do better tomorrow.”

Mistakes Moms Make Everyday

As moms, we want to do it right, all the time.  I hate when I mess up, which is often.  But that doesn’t stop me from picking up the pieces, and trying again.  There’s no way we can be perfect mothers, but we can try hard to be good ones.

Mom Fails_Mistakes Moms Make Everyday

Here are some mistakes moms make everyday, including me!

Comparing your kids

Kids are so special and unique.  My dear son is very compassionate, scientific and analytical.   Then my daughter came along, and she is a social butterfly, performer, and so carefree.  They each have their special qualities.


Encourage your child to be their best, not the best in someone else’s eyes.  Find out what they are interested in, and help them grow their interests and reach their own goals.

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Doing too much for your kids

One of the best gifts you can give your child is helping them be a successful adult!  Trust in them to be independent.  Have faith in their abilities!

Stop cleaning up after them.  If they are old enough, teach them to wipe up their own spills, wash their own plate, fold their own laundry.  It may be faster to just do it yourself and you may have to wipe up the spill after they’ve tried.  Eventually, they’ll get better.

Not taking time for yourself

Uh, when is this supposed to happen?  Motherhood is a 24/7 job and we never stop to recuperate.  This fries our brain and makes us crazy.  You need to take whatever time you have to stop, take a breath, and center yourself.  The morning works best for me, before everyone wakes up.  Just to have a cup of coffee in peace is a life-saver.


I also take a few minutes to read a book before bed.  Sometimes, it’s literally 5 minutes, sometimes it’s more.  It helps my mind escape my mom-stress for a bit, so I hopefully won’t go to sleep thinking about my to-do list.

Not being present

Everyone in the family relies on you for everything.  I get it.  We get lost in the nonstop daily schedules, practice, school activities, grocery shopping, dentist appointments, the list goes on.

mom and son

There have been countless times my kids have come up to show me random toy or drawing and I’ve half-heartedly said “wow, cool!” or “awesome!” and they sadly walk away.  Then they feel crap, and so do I.

Just be in that moment, because you’ll never get it back.  We stress about the messy house, kitchen spills, and crumbs in the car.  Remember that one day, there won’t be a mess to clean up because they’ll be all grown up and won’t need us anymore.

Are you guilty of any mom mistakes?

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