11 Ugly Truths About Being a Mom

No one told me how hard it is being a mom.  It’s the hardest job you’ll ever love.

11 Ugly Truths About Being a Mom

1.  Lack of Sleep

This one is obvious.  First, newborns want to nurse every couple of hours.  Then, toddlers need your comfort through the night.  Later, the older kiddos wake up cause they wet the bed or they had a bad dream.  It really is amazing how little sleep we can survive on.11 Ugly Truths About Being a Mom

2.  Living in the moment

I try so hard to get everything done, I forget to live in the moment.  I want to be in the darn photo, instead of always being behind the camera.

The days are long,

but the years are short.

I need to remember that they won’t stay little forever.  Being a mom is what I’ve wanted my whole life.

3.  Making enough time for each kid

My kids keep me busy with their sports and activities.  We’re always rushing around to get everything done.

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I tried going on a “date” with each one.  They weren’t having it.  The kid staying home was too upset about the other one being able to go to a movie.

4.  Making enough time for your spouse

Often times, my husband ends up being the last thing on my list.  Not intentionally, but being a mom always come first.  Sometimes I miss hanging out with that guy.

Ugly truths about being a mom

5.  No privacy or time for self-care

Taking a shower without anyone else in the bathroom is a blessing.  I could stay in there forever.  Luckily, I have two wonderful kids who come in to tell me when I’ve been in there too long.  Did I shave my legs?  Of course not!  Don’t be silly, I have kids.

6.  Mom guilt

Mom guilt comes with being a mom.  It’s hard trying to make the right choices when you never can be sure what it is.  I just make the calls and hope for the best.

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7.  Efforts unappreciated by everyone

Moms are ‘on the clock’ 24/7 every flippin’ day of the year.  Sick days?  Those days we work harder because we still have to do everything we normally do on top of being sick.

sick day - ugly truths about being a mom

8.  Dealing with other moms’ advice and opinions

Every mom wants to give new advice and tips to a new mom.  That’s understandable.  Too many times, the advice in unsolicited and gets me defensive.  Let me do my thing, and you do yours.  I know people mean well, but I can’t deal right now.

9.  Balancing career, home life, and schedules

This is a juggling act that I have not yet mastered.  Some days I amaze myself.  Other days, I pick up the pieces and try again the next day.  It’s tough being a mom, and I’m still learning every day.

10.  Holding it together

Sometimes, I just cry.  I cry because I’m having a bad morning, late for work, and the kids are taking forever to get ready for school, and then I drop the box of cereal, which spills all over the kitchen floor.  It sends me over the edge, and now I’m crying… over cereal.

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11.  Sacrifice

There’s a lot of major sacrifices that moms make for their kids, but I’m talking about the simple sacrifices, too.  Like the last cupcake.  I wanted that.. but somebody got to it first.

ugly truths about being a mom

Mommies always come in last.  We put in our blood, sweat and tears everyday.  Although we do get the best reward at the end of the day.  There’s a little human who calls us mom.

I’d love to hear any other ugly truths you’ve learned as a mom.  Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts

  1. Great list!
    One additional thing I learned is the internet becomes your worst and favorite resource at the same time. You find yourself Googling the strangest questions just to be sure you’re still sane and you’re doing everything right. But also, the internet can scare you to no end, with the lists and milestone charts and information. Especially when you’re in a sleep-deprived and moody state, it’s not a safe place to be! Haha.

    1. Hi Eryn,

      Yes, I Google everything, too! I’ve googled some crazy parenting questions for sure 😉.

      Thanks for reading my post!

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