The Ultimate Barbie Gift Guide for Little Girls

I loved playing with Barbies as a little girl!  Barbies are timeless!  That’s why I created my Ultimate Barbie Gift Guide for Little Girls.  Barbie never disappoints!

It makes me happy to see my daughter enjoy the same things I did as a little girl.   She loves using her imagination and creativity with Barbies.  Here’s some of her favorites, and some of the things on her wish list!

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Ultimate Barbie Gift Guide for Little Girls

The Ultimate Barbie Gift Guide for Little Girls

Barbie Glam Getaway House

This Barbie house was my daughter’s intro to Barbie. Obviously, it got her hooked. I like it because it folds up to put away neatly and it doesn’t take up too much space.

Barbie You = Beautiful 16 Backpack with Detachable Lunch Bag

So adorable! Detachable lunch bags are so great for little ones because it’s one less thing for them to carry.  It also has a pocket on the side to hold a water bottle.

Barbie Thermos Funtainer 12 Ounce Bottle

Here’s the perfect water bottle to go with that Barbie You = Beautiful 16 Backpack with Detachable Lunch Bag. I’ve used these Thermos’ before, and they definitely keep your kids’ drinks cold. They’re also durable and so cute!

Barbie Dreamhouse

No brainer, right?  I mean, I kinda bought this one so I could play, too.  It has an elevator, and a place for a smartphone to fit in as the “big screen tv.”  The size is pretty impressive, so keep that in mind if you plan to get this one.

Barbie Convertible and Doll Pack

As a little girl, I always wanted a car for Barbie. Luckily, my daughter got one as a gift, and she loves it. It fits perfectly inside the Barbie Dreamhouse garage.

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

This is a different model of the Dreamhouse we have. It looks awesome and my daughter has asked already asked for it!

Barbie Ultimate Puppy Mobile Vehicle

barbie gift guide - ultimate puppy mobile vehicle

My daughter was so excited to get this one from grandma.  It opens up to a puppy play area (with puppy zipline!) and four cute little puppies included.  The dolls are sold separately, but we already had those.  It goes with a movie she loves: Barbie & Her Sisters in A Puppy Chase.

 Barbie & Her Sisters in A Puppy Chase

There really isn’t a Barbie movie that my little girl doesn’t love.  However, this one is a fave.  This is a great one for the Barbie gift guide because I don’t have to worry about what she’s watching.  I know it’s perfect for her age.

Barbie & Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure

Here’s another Barbie favorite in our house. Barbie and her puppy friends try to find a long-lost treasure. Perfect for little girls!

Barbie Pop-Up Camper Vehicle

Santa brought this one for my daughter a few years back. She still enjoys playing with it. Her favorite part is the pool that the dolls can slide into.

Barbie Feed & Cuddle Tawny Horse and Doll Playset

This is an awesome gift idea from the Barbie gift guide if you know a little girl who loves horses! We have this one, and Tawny can really bend down to reach her food. You can actually fit Barbie in the saddle so she won’t fall off.

Barbie: Spy Squad

Barbie: Spy Squad is a fun movie about yet another career Barbie has. I added this to my Ultimate Barbie Gift Guide because both my son and daughter enjoy it. It’s fun and exciting!

Barbie Spy Squad Barbie Doll

This Barbie spy goes along with the movie Barbie: Spy Squad. It would be great to get together as a gift.

Barbie Dreamtopia Sweetville Castle

Another cute addition to any little girl’s Barbie collection. It has both spiral stairs and an elevator.

Barbie Dreamtopia Sweetville Kingdom Carriage

How can you go wrong with Barbie and a unicorn? I mean, seriously. The carriage can fit two dolls and would be a great addition to the Barbie Dreamtopia Sweetville Castle.

Mattel Little Girls Barbie Character Umbrella

I don’t know what it is about umbrellas, but my kids love them. They ask for them every single time we see a cute one in any store.

Barbie Girls Long Sleeve Reversible Fleece Night Gown

You can’t go wrong with getting a little girl a nightgown. They love them because they’re comfy, cozy, and feature their favorite characters.

Barbie Toddler Girl’s Plush Pink Zebra Booties These would be so cute for a toddler during the cold winter months.

There you have it!  My picks for the Ultimate Barbie Gift Guide for Little Girls.  I hope it can help you find the perfect gift for the Barbie Lover in your life!

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