How to Get Great Christmas Gifts for Kids

Isn’t Christmas the best time of year?!  (And the busiest time of year.)  We want to be able to get Christmas gifts for kids that they’ll love and appreciate.

How to Get Great Christmas Gifts for Kids

How to get great Christmas gifts for kids

Here are some major questions you should be asking yourself before deciding what to buy from their Christmas list.

1.  Is it memorable?

My kids don’t get a truckload of gifts, and yet still forget who gave them which gift.  You want to get a gift that they’ll love so much, they won’t forget it.

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Getting a random gift from the clearance rack isn’t what they need. They’ll just forget about it in a few days.

2.  Will it last?

If you find something they like, make sure you are spending your money on something that is durable.  I will not buy the latest trending toy if I know it’s a piece of junk.

Not only is it durable, but will their interest in it last longer than Christmas day.  I’ve bought things that my kids specifically asked for on their Christmas list, and they’ve used it only a handful of times throughout the whole year.  Just because they ask for it, doesn’t mean you should get it.

I recently posted The Ultimate Barbie Gift Guide for Little Girls because my daughter loves Barbie!  I’d rather have her interested in Barbies than playing on a tablet.  She has loved Barbie for years, so I know she’d love any addition to her collection.  Also, when she grows out of it, we can pass it on to another little girl because Barbie never goes out of style.

how to get great christmas gifts for kids

3.  Am I buying this for quality or quantity?

Remember that you had to work hard for your money and spend time at work away from your family, to buy this gift.  Is it worth your hard-earned money?  Don’t buy a gift just for the sake of another box under the tree.  We don’t want to teach them that they need more and more gifts every year.

Show them the value and thought behind gift-giving, which is one person giving a gift to someone they love.

4.  Is it going to cause more family stress?

Ugh, I can hear it now…. The sound of thousand legos being dumped onto the floor.

If it has a million pieces, then yes, it is going to cause stress and frustration for everyone.  They will lose pieces and get frustrated when they can’t find it.  Or, they could get stressed when it’s time to clean up all the little pieces.

If you plan on purchasing something with a million pieces, then buy a case or drawer for it so it can be easily put away for everyone’s sanity.

how to get great christmas gifts for kids

5.  Do they truly want this?

Did they just see it on the latest commercial?  I know first hand because my kids ask me for things immediately after it was just flashed across their morning cartoons.

Think about the toys that they currently play with all the time.  What qualities do those toys have?  What do they enjoy about those toys?

Buying Christmas gifts for kids can be very stressful.  Hopefully, asking yourself these questions will help you get a meaningful gift that they’ll love.

Here’s my free Christmas Gift Checklist to help keep you organized during the stressful holiday season.
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I hope it helps you out this holiday season.  Do you have any tips for getting great Christmas gifts for kids?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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