Welcome to Mommy Gets It Done!

Hey!  I’m Trista!  This blog is meant to provide tips and motivation for all you mamas out there.  Here, you can find ways to help you be the best mom you can be because mommy always gets the job done!


Home Life

I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 12 years.  I’m a mother of two awesome kids who keep me on my toes.  I have a 10 year-old son, and a 7 year-old daughter.

I love spending every moment with my kids, even though it’s stressful at times.  I became a SAHM when my son was born, and I loved it!  I started doing different part-time jobs as a WAHM to make a little money while staying at home with my kids.  It feels like I’ve done it all:  caterer, seamstress, bookkeeper… just to name a few.  All of that was so I could be with my kids as much as possible. They are my everything!

Working Mama

For the last 5 years, I’ve been a working mama.  I work at a preschool full-time, so I’m literally around kids 24/7.   My experience working at a preschool has taught me a lot about how to deal with kids, what works and what doesn’t work.

I’m always looking for ideas from other moms about things like mommy inspiration, crafts, food, and family fun.

Mommy Motivation

I hope to help moms find tips, resources, hacks and advice about everything MOTHERHOOD:

  • Dealing with discipline
  • Managing daily family schedules
  • Finding time for self-care
  • Meal planning to save time and money
  • and more!

The mom struggle is real!  Hopefully, moms are able to not only find solutions here, but also share their ideas with me, too!

Feel free to email me anytime!

Thanks for stopping by!